Best apps in 2018 for kids and parents

Today, young parents bear more responsibility — not enough to teach a child to read and write, and also to monitor its health. It is also necessary to watch, that he saw in a Network something wrong, choose safe apps, and services, to define the rules of access to the online family of devices, etc.

Among the tens of thousands of applications that solve such problems, it is difficult to find really useful.



Family tracker Life 360 will save a lot of time and nerves — because you will always know where they are native. The app allows you to obtain information about the location of family members in real time based on GPS data module or the check-ins in social networks. Thus parents can receive messages about when the child arrives at school and returns home.

Who: parents
Platform: iOS | Android

Kid mode

Curious children who are too young to have their own smartphone or tablet, like grabbing gadgets parents. In addition, sometimes the child just needs something to occupy (e.g. a road). In addition, our mobile devices often contain important information on the work that the child can easily remove the game. The application Kid mode solves the problem by limiting access to a specific set of programs.

Who: parents
Platform: Android


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The app ABCmouse children enjoy learning the alphabet because each letter is hidden mini-game. Here you can try gentleman fashionable mustache, burst, bubbles, decorate a giraffe or score a goal.  Read the abc mouse app reviews and make sure that teaches through a variety of interactive learning activities for kids including educational games, books, animations, songs, art activities, puzzles, and offline printables – all of which can be monitored by parents through an innovative Progress Tracker.
In addition, the app allows you to print the alphabet in high definition, turning it into a beautiful and useful poster.

Who: children 5-6 years
Platform: iOS