Kickstarter App Makes it Easy to Find, Fund and Track Projects

Kickstarter, the media darling of crowdsource funding, now has an app for that. What’s great about the new app is that I can check on all my goodies directly from the app as well as back others. Moreover, project creators are able to stay connected with their backers, track their project’s status for funding and post updates on the go.

While I’m yet to try funding a dream or two of my own via the popular crowdsourcing site, I have chipped in on a few promising projects such as a the “Midnight Tiger” comic book. I’ve received all sorts of goodies for my $15 pledge such as access to a high-quality digital copy. What I like about the Kickstarter mobile app is the ability to check in on these projects when and where I want. Sure, the web experience is great, but the company’s mobile UI is so simplistic it’s beautiful.

With a quick touch of the activity button, I’m off to quick views of what’s going on with the two current projects I’ve backed. While scrolling through the current updates, I noticed that I just received a backer-exclusive preview of pencil work for page 13 of “Free Mars: Ashes2Ashes” comic book. The one thing that amazes me is all the behind-the-scenes access you get as a backer. It’s a front row seat to creativity and it’s all available on your iPhone.

Of course, if you haven’t backed a project yet, you can easily browse the “discover” tab for all the latest projects. By default, the app sorts by staff picks. These are the hand curated projects from the good people at Kickstarter. What’s even better, especially since I have an eclectic taste, I can sort by other categories such as art, comics, dance, design, etc. This is all done by a drop down menu that makes navigating different projects a breeze.

Browsing through, I found a very interest project that is almost completely backed. Called “The Program Sci-Fi Short,” writer Nathan Reid is out to tell the story of a top secret, military funded weapons experiment designed to create the perfect soldier. And while it seems a familiar concept, what I like about it is how much time they’re putting into the story itself and not just the CGI. Projects like this are literaly at your finger tips with the new Kickstarter app.

If you’re at all into helping fund some of the most creative and promising independent projects, I highly recommend downloading the Kickstarter app. Don’t let this gem get overlooked.